Open Hours: 24h

Three Decades of World-Class Expertise

The great experience and knowledge of Prof. Dr Bratislav Trifunović and the professional team of the hospital guarantees full commitment to all patients

Personal Approach to Medical Treatment

Following the latest trends in the treatment of oncology patients, we approach each problem individually and with full attention.

Emergency Surgery 24/7

We are the only privately owned surgical hospital in the country open for emergency surgical interventions 24/7, with three surgeons on duty present at the hospital at all times.

Internal Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board actively monitors the condition of oncology patients and decides on the best treatment modalities.

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About Us

We specialize in treating patients with various types of digestive system tumours, such as tumours of the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas, spleen and liver, and we also successfully treat patients with tumours of the thyroid gland, breast, lung, kidney and gynaecological tumours.

Personal Approach to Every Patient

We treat each patient individually and with the utmost care. The complexity of problems faced by oncology patients requires an individual approach to medical treatment, surgical treatments and postoperative care.

Complete Medical Care

At all times, our patients are cared for by three surgeons, anaesthesiologists and an accompanying team of medical experts, and the hospital also has a surgical intensive care unit.


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