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At the Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović, we pay special attention to the adequate and reliable diagnosis of problems in oncology patients, which we implement according to the latest world standards.

We perform detailed clinical examinations of various specialties, X-ray examinations, laboratory services, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, as well as ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, neck, thyroid gland, pelvis minor, heart, and blood vessels.

After determining the precise diagnosis, we approach patients with a highly personalized type of treatment, which is defined and monitored by our Internal Oncology Medical Advisory Board.


A personalized approach to the diagnostics and treatment of patients is the latest word in modern oncology. It implies a multidisciplinary approach that addresses all of the patient's health problems from multiple medical perspectives and takes into account all the individual characteristics of patients and all the specifics of the patient’s medical history.

In addition to the Internal Oncology Medical Advisory Board that discusses each patient and decides on the modality of treatment, the Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović is in continuous contact with the Oncology Medical Advisory Boards in Vienna and Milan, and we also regularly cooperate with the St. Mark Hospital in London.


Medical Advisory Board

It is our desire to have a complete insight into the situation at all times and to be sure that we are providing the best possible treatment and adequate care to all our patients.

The Internal Medical Advisory Board, which consists of physicians and surgeons, actively monitors the condition of our patients and reacts promptly by making decisions involving the best treatments and interventions before surgical treatment and during postoperative recovery, providing all patients with the best possible care and full attention.

Our Internal Oncology Medical Advisory Board consists of members of our institution, experts with extensive experience and numerous achievements in several medical fields, as well as permanent consultants from other medical institutions:

  • Prof. Dr Bratislav Trifunović, specijalista opšte hirurgije-subspecijalista kliničke onkologije
  • Dusan Ristić spec.interne medicine subspec.medikalne onkologije
  • Doc. Dr Ivana Tufegdzić, specijalista patološke anatomije
  • Prim.dr Marko Dožić spec.radiologije subspec.onkologije
  • Dr Bojan Nikolić, specijalista radiologije