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#Price list of medical services offered by SHB “Trifunović”

DIAGNOSTICS-Medical examinations

rsd2.500Examination by a General Practitioner

rsd3.000-7.500Examination by a Specialist Doctor

rsd5.000-8.000Examination by a Primarius

rsd6.000-12.000Examination by an Associate University Professor

rsd50.000Oncology Council with conclusion
(Surgeon-Oncologist, Medical Oncologist-Internist, Pathologist, Radiologist)

rsd20.000Emergency Council with urgent and endangered patients
(Surgeon, Internist, Anesthesiologist, Pumologist)

DIAGNOSTICS-Ultrasound and X-Ray

rsd5.000-7.000Ultrasound of abdomen

rsd5.000Ultrasound of breasts and underarm

rsd5.000Ultrasound of the thyroid and parathyroid glands

rsd5.000Color Doppler of the neck

rsd6.000Color Doppler of the abdomen

rsd6.000Cardiac Ultrasound with Color Doppler

rsd6.000Color-Doppler of blood vessels of the extremities

rsd7.000 po segmentuX-Ray Diagnostics
(heart, lungs, skeletal system, abdomen)


rsd1.500Dressing a minor wound

rsd2.500-5.000Dressing a large wound

rsd5.000-10.000Dressing of extensive burns


rsd500 + drug valueIntramuscular injection

rsd1.000 + drug valueIntravenous injection

rsd5.000 + drug valueIntraarticular block

rsd2.000 + drug valueInfusion

rsd2.000 + drug valuePlacement of Foley catheter in the bladder

rsd10.000 + value of blood derivativesTransfusion application


rsd5.000Anoscopy and proctological examination

rsd8.000Rigid rectoscopy

rsd10.000 local anesthesiaSigmoidoscopy

rsd16.000 local anesthesiaEsophagogastroscopy

rsd28.000 local anesthesiaColonoscopy

rsd18.000 local anesthesiaDuodenoscopy

rsd20.000 local anesthesiaBronchoscopy

rsd6.000-8.000Intravenous anesthesia

rsd6.000 per sampleBiopsy and HP change verification


rsd20.000 (+ consumption of drugs, medical supplies, blood derivatives, etc)Hospital day 2-bed apartment
(accommodation, food, health care)

rsd30.000 (+ consumption of drugs, medical supplies, blood derivatives, etc.) ) Hospital day VIP apartment

rsd35.000 (+ consumption of drugs, medical supplies, blood derivatives, etc.)Hospital day Surgical Intensive Care

rsd45.000 (+ consumption of drugs, medical supplies, blood derivatives, etc.)Hospital Day Surgical Intensive Care-Invasive Monitoring with 24-hour respiratory support

rsd25.000Hospital Day-Semi-Intensive Care

SURGERY- One-Day Surgery

rsd10.000 - 20.000Surgical wound treatment - operating room - local anesthesia

rsd25.000 - 50.000Surgical wound treatment - operating room - intravenous anesthesia

rsd40.000 - 70.000Excision of moles and skin tumours - operating room - intravenous anesthesia

rsd30.000Ingrown toenail surgery - local anesthesia

SURGERY- General Surgery

rsd6.000 - 14.000Preoperative preparation

rsd40.000 - 160.000Appendectomy - open method
(degree of inflammation, perforation, local peritonitis, diffuse peritonitis, etc.)

rsd50.000 - 180.000Appendectomy - laparoscopic method
(degree of inflammatory process, etc.)

rsd150.000Inguinal or femoral hernia surgery - open method, unilateral

rsd250.000Inguinal or femoral hernia surgery - open method bilateral

rsd200.000Inguinal or femoral hernia surgery - laparoscopic method unilateral

rsd350.000Inguinal or femoral hernia surgery - laparoscopic method bilateral

rsd200.000Strangulated inguinal or femoral hernia surgery without bowel resection

rsd360.000Strangulated inguinal or femoral hernia surgery with bowel resection

rsd150.000Umbilical hernia surgery - open method

rsd240.000Umbilical hernia surgery - laparoscopic method

rsd360.000Umbilical hernia surgery with bowel resection

rsd240.000Ventral hernia surgery - open method

rsd360.000Ventral hernia surgery - laparoscopic method

rsd450.000Large postoperative ventral hernia surgery with bowel adhesiolysis

rsd300.000Hiatus hernia surgery - open method

rsd400.000 - 600.000Hiatus hernia surgery - laparoscopic method

rsd200.000 - 350.000Perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer surgery - open method

rsd250.000 - 400.000Perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer surgery - laparoscopic method

rsd400.000 - 700.000Perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer surgery - resection procedures

rsd450.000 - 750.000Ulcer complications surgery (stenosis, penetration, etc.) - resection procedures

rsd150.000 - 250.000Gallbladder surgery - open method

rsd180.000 - 250.000Gallbladder surgery – laparoscopic method

rsd350.000 - 500.000Gallbladder surgery with choledocholithiasis - open method
(Intraoperative cholangiography, calculus extraction, T-drainage)

rsd450.000 - 650.000Gallbladder surgery with choledocholithiasis - laparoscopic method
(Intraoperative cholangiography, extraction, T-drainage, choledochoscopy)

rsd400.000 - 650.000Liver cyst surgery

rsd400.000 - 700.000Echinococcal liver cyst surgery

rsd500.000 - 800.000Chronic pancreatitis surgery - resection derivation procedures

rsd500.000-750.000Surgery of pancreatic cystic changes

rsd360.000Splenectomy - urgent for splenic injuries

rsd400.000-550.000Splenectomy - hematological patients - open method

rsd360.000-600.000Segmental bowel resection - benign diseases

rsd240.000-300.000Stoma creation - emergency case percutaneous stoma

rsd280.000-400.000Stoma creation - with laparotomy

rsd300.000-450.000Stoma creation - laparoscopic method

rsd700.000-950.000Restorative proctocolectomy - Ulcerative colitis

rsd180.000-260.000Closure - colostomy closure

SURGERY- Oncological Surgery

rsd180.000 - 240.000Exploratory laparotomy - Staging with biopsy open method

rsd240.000 - 350.000Exploratory laparoscopic laparotomy

rsd120.000 - 180.000Benign breast tumour surgery

rsd180.000 - 300.000Breast quadrantectomy with or without axillary lymphadenectomy

rsd250.000 - 350.000Mastectomy sec. Madden

rsd250.000 - 400.000Breast reconstruction after mastectomy
(+ value of built-in material)

rsd300.000Total thyroidectomy

rsd200.000Partial thyroidectomy

rsd450.000 - 600.000Total thyroidectomy with dissection of the neck unilateral or bilateral

rsd300.000 - 500.000Parathyroid surgery

rsd350.000 - 450.000Adrenal gland surgery - laparoscopic method

rsd700.000 - 1.100.000Distal esophageal tumour and Gastroesophageal junction surgery

rsd600.000 - 950.000Subtotal gastrectomy D2 - lymphadenectomy

rsd800.000 - 1.100.000Total gastrectomy D2, D3 lymphadenectomy

rsd500.000 - 800.000Segmental resections of the small intestine due to malignant process

rsd600.000 - 750.000Segmental colon oncology resections

rsd600.000 - 750.000Left hemicolectomy, total mesocollic excision, D2 lymphadenectomy

rsd650.000 - 800.000High anterior resection of the rectum RRAS and partial mesocolic excision

rsd700.000 - 950.000Low anterior resection of the rectum RRAI and total mesorectal excision TME

rsd700.000 - 950.000Oncological emergency subtotal colectomy

rsd650.000 - 850.000Rectal amputation sec. Miles

rsd700.000 - 950.000Oncological resections of the liver (segmentectomy, hepatectomy, etc.)

rsd850.000 - 1.100.000Cephalic duodenopancreatectomy Whipple

rsd850.000 - 1.000.000Total pancreatectomy

rsd750.000 - 950.000Distal splenopancreatectomy

rsd800.000 - 1.400.000Multiple, multi-organ resections of abdominal tumours in SARCOMA