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Dr med. Snežana Trifunović

Snežana Trifunović was born in 1962 in Istok, Kosovo, Serbia.

Education: Elementary School Dubrava, Istok; Grammar School, Istok, Kosovo; 1981-1987 – Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade – Department in Kragujevac; 1989-1993 – Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Belgrade. Passed the specialist exam with excellent results, which earned her the title of Specialist Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Employment record: 1987-1993 – Medical Centre Despotovac; 1993-2001 – MC Ćuprija, Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; 2001-2009 – Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović, Despotovac; 2009-2011 – Lecturer at the Medical College Ćuprija; 2011-2014 – Polyclinic Trifunović, Belgrade; 2014-2017 – General Hospital Una, Belgrade; 2017-2019 – Special Surgical Hospital Đoković, Belgrade; 2019-2021 – Medical College Medika, Belgrade; 2021 – Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović, Belgrade.