Open Hours: 24h

The Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović is specialized and fully staffed and technically equipped for the treatment of patients in the field of general surgery of hernia, gallbladder disease, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, liver, stomach and small and large intestines.

The Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović specializes in the treatment of oncological problems of patients with digestive system tumours, such as tumours of the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas, spleen, and liver, and we also successfully treat patients with tumours of the thyroid gland, breast, lung, kidney and gynaecological tumours.

In addition to other surgical procedures, the Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović specializes in abdominal surgery and offers a wide range of surgical treatments of all diseases of the colon, benign or malignant in aetiology.

Prof. Dr Trifunović, the Founder and Head of the Clinic, dedicated his career to this field exactly. His thirty years of practice and countless successful interventions, numerous scientific papers published in the world's most eminent medical journals, numerous scientific studies, and the latest achievements in colorectal surgery all speak of the world-renowned expertise of prof. Dr Trifunović.

We successfully address and surgically treat sarcomas, i.e. malignant tumours of mesenchymal origin, which may require complex surgical treatments, i.e. simultaneous surgical interventions on multiple organs or organ systems.

Unfortunately, radical surgical treatment is very often the only adequate choice of treatment for these patients. Prof. Dr Trifunović and his team of experienced experts, including Dr Aleksandar Đorđević, Orthopaedist-Oncologist, surgically treat the most complex problems of this type, with accompanying intensive care according to the highest world standards.

We diagnose, surgically treat, and address a number of diseases of the anus and perianal region, including hemorrhoidal diseases, perianal fistulas, anal fissures, and anal region tumours.

In our Outpatient Surgery Centre, we apply top-of-the-line surgical treatment protocols for such patients. Patients are usually discharged the same day after their surgery for further home treatment.

We also efficiently, and following the highest global standards, perform laparoscopic operations on the gallbladder, bile ducts, hiatal hernia, inguinal hernias, and other types of abdominal tumours.

Such procedures belong to the domain of outpatient surgery, which greatly facilitates postoperative treatment, providing greater comfort to our patients after the procedure with one of the three most modern complete laparoscopy columns owned by our clinic.

We are proud to present our colleague, Prim. Dr Jordan Lazarević, one of the pioneers of laparoscopic surgery in Serbia, who, after returning from Germany, became part of our surgical team and enriched our expertise in this branch of surgery.

The Special Surgical Hospital Trifunović is the only privately-owned medical institution in the country that provides emergency surgery services, including procedures for various injuries, acute abdominal conditions, various types of bleeding and other problems that require urgent surgical intervention.

Our professional team of full-time surgeons: Prof. Dr Bratislav Trifunović, Prim. Dr J. Lazarević and Dr M. Trifunović, with the anaesthesiology team led by Mr. sci. med. Dr M. Vukotić and experienced and professional nursing staff, a department for surgical intensive care with five beds and an invasive monitoring system, allow us to quickly enter the operating room and treat urgent surgical patients at any time, 24/7.